Thursday, February 13, 2003

It's been a long day. Had a huge Art History exam tonight. Am 99% sure I got an A. Yay! German grade is looking up I think. Biology too. I'm supposed to be getting an extra credit sheet in there, that if I do well on it, I'll have an A- in the class overall. That's not perfect. But it's getting there. Guess I'm feeling a little better about school in general. Thursdays are hard though, and I'm pretty tired. Have a headache from clenching my jaw all day.

I've been pretty damn stressed lately. It's starting to have a real effect on me. I discovered, today, I think, that my hair's falling out. It shouldn't be falling out, on account of, neither of my parents, nor aunts, nor grandparents, etc. are bald. We're not bald people, so it's not genetic at all. So, there's got to be something wrong with me. Between the fact that I've had anemia for years, which can make your hair fall out, and the fact that I don't eat much meat since I'm allergic, which can also make your hair fall out, and the fact that I'm nearly as stressed as the underwear gnome kid on South Park, which can definitely make your hair fall out, it's surprising that all my hair hadn't actually fallen out before I hit adolescence. Still, disturbing.

I'm hungry and tired. Need to find some food. Signed up for a fieldtrip to the Cleveland Museum of Art in a few weeks. May be fun. More likely will suck. Still, free trip to Cleveland, that's sort of fun.