Sunday, February 09, 2003

It's tax day at my house. Yay!

My brother's annoyed because he took an education credit three years ago, that the government's trying to retroactively tax him for now. Way to go, IRS. Get 'em coming or going.

My procrastination is such a pain for me. I don't know why I do the things I do sometimes. I've been pushing off paying off my credit card bill forever. I got the check all in there, and the stamp on the bill, and I have for like a week and a half. But now it's down to the wire, either I get it in the mail tomorrow, or it's late. I have this bizarre premonition that I'll "forget" to do it again, and I'll have to rush all over hell to get it in the mail tommorrow. It would not be the first time that I've done this. I do this practically every time I have a credit card bill to pay. Why? Because I'm so damn lazy, is all I can figure. I'm so damn lazy that I give myself more work.

My brother's such a dink! That is, double income, no kids. I just found out he made last year between himself and his wife. My Lord. Rich boy! I totally deserved better Christmas presents this year. No wonder he says things like: "I don't feel like driving you to New York. How about I just buy Jody and you train tickets?"