Thursday, February 06, 2003

My German test sucked and I don't think I did well. I didn't fail it, certainly, but I'm not thinking A material. Why can't the Germans just say "I'm going to Paris/the airport/the store/the church/the car," etc. There's no need for so many words to describe "to," folks. Too much conjugation is a bad thing! Anyway, I have half an hour to kill before Biology lab. It might actually be fun. I guess we'll be playing with blenders and meat tenderizer and other such things. This sounds good. But I'd still rather be home sleeping.

North Korea is threatening to strike us first. Hurrah for two front wars! I told Jody that we'd probably safer in Europe than we would be at home. It's almost certain now. Of course, once you get allies in the mix, I guess it might become a bit more complicated. The White House doesn't seem all that concerned.

Think I'm going to meander about campus for a bit. Sort of bored.