Thursday, February 06, 2003

I wonder if I kicked and screamed enough, if the world would stop turning, and I could skip school.

I need to find breakfast. I won't get another chance to eat until eight, so I need to find something. But here I am typing instead of finding food. Because food finding means food eating, and having consumed ones breakfast, there's nothing left to do but go to school.

Bah, I have a German test and Biology lab today. At least we get to do an experiment in lab, for once. Angela says it's fun to extract DNA from an onion. It had better be. That's all I gotsta say on that.

Anyway, last night I went to see My Big Fat Greek wedding. I liked it okay. Parts reminded me of my family. There's a great story in my family about my great-grandpa picking up my great-grandma for a date. And my French gg-grandpa is screaming at g-grandma so loudly that it goes through the door and reverberates through the hall: "That better not be that damn Irishman at the door!" And he opens the door and says politely to g-grandpa, "Oh hello, Mr. Britt."

I wish my family was more ethnic. I guess even a generation ago they were much more so. And two generations ago, clearly much much more so. It's hard to keep really ethnic though, when you're not just Irish anymore, or French, or Jewish. When you mix all of those things up and add time, you just get American.

Ahh, also, the bit about the grandmother in that movie, and her calling people bloodthirsty Turks cracked me up. This Greek friend of my dad's always gives similar advice. "Never trust them Turkeys, they're no good."

I have a massive craving for Greek food now.

Another funny bit from last night. We asked Daysi (Angela's exchange student from the Dominican Republic) if she'd ever heard the expression "Curiousity killed the cat." She was like "Oh yeah! But I heard it differently! I heard curiousity killed the mouse!" So we were busting, and she's like "No, it makes more sense! The mouse got too curious and came out of his home, so the cat killed him!" And really, you know, it does make more sense.

Also, Angela's a dope and thinks the moon is masculine just because there's a man in it. This is foolish. Everyone knows that the moon is feminine; We've got luna, we've got Artemis, we've got your moon goddesses of various sorts. The man IN the moon is masculine, but the moon itself is clearly feminine. I mean, duh. And the Sun is masculine.

15 minutes left. Must find food.