Sunday, February 02, 2003

I had fun tonight. Excerpts from conversation.

Brett: Denise got mad at me the other day because I don't like church.
Mom: Yeah, I don't know why Brett and Sarah are so anti-religious. When I met their dad I thought he was really religious.
Me: Dad? Religious?
Mom: Yeah! He was always doing this thing ::mock crosses self::. He was so weird!
Dad: What?
Mom: You prayed when you got gas! ::mock crosses self again::
Dad: Well, no wonder with the price of gas in the 70's!
Mom: I'm not kidding. We pulled into the Bonded and ::mock crosses self madly and does pious eyes to the sky::
::General Laughter::
Me: One gallon ::crosses self::, two gallons ::crosses self::, three gallons ::crosses self::, full! ::kneels and crosses self::
Dad: I don't even know what you're talking about! I don't even know which way to start crossing!
Brett: Was Tony in the car? He was probably praying his car would still be there when he got back from praying! ::crosses self right way:: ::crosses self backwards:: 'Please Lord, I promise I'll learn which shoulder to start on if you don't let the boy steal my car!'

Then later:

Mom: I'm hipper than Sarah. Today I was watching Mtv about that Notorious Big.
Everyone: ::busts up::
Mom: No! It was really interesting, what with that Notorious Big and Tupack (like tack or sac).
Everyone: ::busts up more::
Dad: I don't get it.
Me: Yeah, man, what's up with all that murder? Notorious Big shooting at Tupack; Tupack's homeys gunning down the Notorious Big.
Everyone: ::busts up more::

Then again later:

Mom: I want you to download that JLo song for me. You know that, "I'm still Jenny from the block I've got a whole lot of rocks."