Tuesday, January 28, 2003

heh, I'm skipping Bio and German today. I don't feel totally comfortable skipping Bio since I think I bombed yesterday's exam. But I also feel like I have cold air in my lungs and in my heart, and I can't think of anything right now, that would be worse than the mile-long trek into class. German will be class as usual, and he already pushed our exam back to next week, so no worries there. I will go to Art tonight to get my exam grade.

Little punk high school types keep getting school cancelled for the weather being below zero. Ridiculous. I never got out of school for cold weather when I was a kid; and I still don't now that I'm in college. And everyone knows that, if anything ever sucked in an adult's life, it should be repeated in their younger generation without mercy. To toughen 'em up, yeah. Anyway, my real concern is that if my friend's high school keeps getting cancelled she'll have to teach on calamity days in the summer, and that'll push our trip back to when it's more expensive to fly. Of course, I was going to be messing with taking my finals early and such, so we could leave early. If she's still having to teach, the bright side of it is that I can take my exams at the normal time.

I'm toying with the idea of having a birthday party this summer. I haven't had one since I was five. The main problem with it though, is that I had been planning to leave for Europe around June 10th, which is my birthday. And besides, the 10th is also smack dab in the middle of finals week. So, the weekend before isn't great because that conflicts with studying or writing papers, which is important if I plan on leaving the continent sometime during the week. And the weekend after is bad because, well, I won't even be here. Maybe two weeks early; but that seems a bit much, having my birthday party clear into the month before my birthday. Especially since it's my 21st, and I won't yet have the legal rights that go along with being 21, if you follow.


Anyway, I had a wicked nightmare last night. And while I won't share it here, I did write a short story loosely based on it. If you want to read it: The Face.