Monday, January 27, 2003

Oy, I totally whiffed on my exam. And apparently, I wasn't the only one. All four of the kids in my German class who also have Biology messed up their tests badly. It wasn't entirely our fault either. For instance, she told us specifically in class: "This diagram will not be on the exam. I only want you to know the process of the Calvin Cycle from this sheet." First page of the test: "Label this diagram. The process of the Calvin Cycle has already been labelled for you." We were like WTF? It sucked. You know a test is poorly written when every three minutes someone discovers an error and she has to write the corrected question on the board. The worst part is, for someone who's terribly inaccurate herself, she doesn't even curve. At least there are supposedly 25 extra credit points available later.

Anyway, I'm bitter. My Art History grade had better be good tomorrow. This quarter was supposed to be relaxing; I won't have it turning into my worst ever. Deutsch ist gut. Danke Gott für Deutsch!

I need to stop thinking about school. And stop thinking about food. The two are interconnected, and I've had too much of both today. I guess what I really ought to do is lay down and read for a while and try to relax. I didn't have the most relaxing weekend for a menagerie of reasons, and I feel particularly unrested now. I need to have some fun, really. I need to go sledding, and have a snowball fight, and stop swearing so much and working my stomach all up in knots. But I don't see any of that happening. Ahh, well.