Monday, January 27, 2003

I have an exam today I have to go study for in a few minutes.

Truth be told, I'm feeling rather poorly. I keep telling myself to go take an aspirin. But the taking of aspirin is so unpleasant. Often worse than the actual poor feeling itself. But I want to be preventative because I have an exam. And yet I do hate aspirin.

I overanalyze simple things; call it having a Sarah moment.

Yesterday was a strange day. I ended up taking my sister grocery shopping. They let her out of the hospital because they're 99.9% sure she doesn't have Tuberculosis. This is a good thing. But I wonder why they had the original false diagnosis. Probably my sister just heard the word, freaked, and decided she had it; I've seen my mother do the same thing, so it's pretty likely. This isn't entirely unreasonable since it is sort of scary to be quarantined and kept in a special room at the end of the hallway where nobody ever stays or goes. I know the reason they thought she had it was that she's got a hole in her lung, and, whereas pneumonia tends to settle in the bottom of a lung, tuberculosis takes root at the top. My sister has a hole in the top of her lung. Cancer is still a possibility, but I reserve the right to be callously objective about the thing, and demand proof before I get upset, because of the false TB scare. Anyway, she's quitting smoking, which is good. And she's on medication for the time being, and under medical supervision because of the heart thing. So, I'm less worried there until I have reason to become more worried.

I don't want to go to school today. But I really quite have to go study. Maybe I'll skip German and come home early today.