Thursday, January 23, 2003

Quick blog; I'm at school.

Today has sucked sort of. It started out quite nicely. But things went quickly downhill. First, Biology is always pretty boring. Second, I forgot I had a quiz in German, but I think I did okay. Third, in Biology lab, I spilled Phenol red on myself, and then dropped a petri dish, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. And now the time draws nigh for the dreaded Art History exam.

I'm pretty good on my facts, actually. But I need to see a book so that I can remember which slide belongs to what bits of info. I'm thinking about running some espionage over to the bookstore. Just bring my list, look at the pictures and leave. But I feel like a jerk doing that. I thought about buying the book and bringing it back in two days, too, but then I think that would sort of raise suspicions. I had hoped to get the textbook at the library last night, but somebody else had gotten to it first.

Ahh well, time for studying and general espionage. Wish me well, folks.