Sunday, January 19, 2003

I’m having a good day today. It snowed some last night, so today I woke up early and went out to play in it with the dogs. Good times, I tell you. Until Isaac lost the ball in a snow drift and we had to quit. But hey, hot chocolate and the warmth of being inside was nice too.

My dad’s out fixing my car. His day was less pleasant. Thanks dad!

I’m hungry.

I’m hoping it snows a lot tonight. Tomorrow, April and I are hoping to go sledding. I have the day off school. Thanks, Dr. King! Civil Rights totally rule and stuff.

Bah, old man couldn’t fix my car. Great; to the mechanics we go, I guess.

But, on the positive side of spending money, I found rather cheap plane tickets to Ireland for when we want to leave this summer. We hadn’t planned on going to Ireland, but I’d really wanted to go. So, if it’s cheaper, I see no reason not to, and it would be awesome. I wonder if we can get to Sligo; my family's from Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo. Sligo is, of course, of William Butler Yeats fame, which is unfortunate since I don't overly like Yeats. But, I guess it's good for their tourism industry, and I suppose distant, distant cousins might profit from that, and good for them!