Thursday, January 16, 2003

At school. I hate Thursdays. Did okay on my German exam. Not great, but okay I think. Biology lab today was hell. I thought, after last week, that it wouldn't be so bad. I was wrong. It's really pretty awful.

I'm not in the library this time, which is a plus. Feel more privacy, even though I know there really isn't any here. Unfortunately, my keyboard is incredibly loud. The other guy in here will have to deal with it. He was talking loudly on his cell phone a minute ago, so his comfort is not my greatest concern at the moment.

My check engine light in the car came on today. It didn't start for me the other day, but when my dad tried it it worked fine. I'd given up worrying about it, but worries are back because it starts rough and the light's on. The last thing I need is a busted car. Guess it's a good thing I decided to do less driving this quarter. Probably, after making the mile long trek to where I parked my vehicle this morning, it won't start. I'll have to walk a mile back to the building to use the pay phone, which I won't have a quarter for, and my parents won't be home to come pick me up. That'd be my luck today.

Anyway, today hasn't been bad per se. Just long. Everything seems to be taking forever, and all I really want is to go home. I'm not exactly impatient, I think. Sometimes I am and that makes things worse, but today time's just passing slow and it's getting annoying. It didn't help that I had to come to school early this morning, which meant waking up earlier this morning; and what didn't help that is that I stayed up late last night on the phone. Ahh, well. I deserve it I suppose.

I wonder if I'm going to do anything fun this weekend. Not enough snow for sledding, and April has to work anyway. Last weekend, I wanted to do nothing, and had everything to do. This weekend, I want to do something, and there's nothing. Figures. I don't have any money anyway, especially if my car's busted. Oh well.

I'm driving the guy in the room with me crazy. He randomly interrupts me: "Hey, you can type my paper for me if you type that fast!" I'm like..."Uhh, sorry." Anyway, I think I'm going to pop over to the library now, because, even though he was talking on his cell phone, he apologized for it. I guess that makes us even, and I can do this as well over there as here.

Peace out, girl scouts.