Monday, January 13, 2003

Today feels a bit better.

I think I got an A on my first Biology quiz. And we had a lab in there today which cut lecture time in half. Nobody finished the lab, so lecture will likely be cut short again tomorrow. I thought I'd hate lab - and I do - but it beats listening to her say the same stuff over and over again four different ways so that all the "learning types" can understand.

I have my first German exam of the quarter Thursday. Ich will studieren nicht aber studieren ich muss. I can see that that's improper word order, but I have no idea how to fix it.

I'm going to burn some cds tonight. I just have to decide on song order. Oddly, deciding song order always takes me forever, even though I know darn well that once it's burned I usually don't care what number any of the songs are. And since my cd player is generally set for random through twelve cds, it really makes no difference where anything is. Nevertheless, these are the things I busy myself with.

The guy I'm obsessed with made a deliberate attempt to speak with me again today. I managed not to walk through any doors which said "Do Not Use This Door," unlike last time he walked me somewhere. I consider this a step in a positive direction.