Thursday, January 09, 2003

Writing this at school. Feel paranoid. Probably apt, since they do monitor these things. So much for academic freedom, eh?

"Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you."

Biology lab wasn't so bad today. Sort of fun even really. Lecture is so long. Annoying.

German went quick. Really need to study present perfect tense. Why do they call it present perfect, when it's all about putting things into the past?

Art History next. Decided to stay at school, so I've been reading lots of blogs. Friendlings, you need to blog. It gives me something to do. Also, send me links of fun things to do. I'm incredibly bored. I have no homework; that's a positive point of the current quarter, but I'm bored enough to start copying out grammar charts just for the joy of it. If you've ever worked with German grammar charts, you know how interesting it is. I'm thinking of getting a book or two, and trying to teach myself some French. So much free time without television.

It's funny, I was checking BBC news because I'm so incredibly bored. And I guess there's been a huge long siege in London that I hadn't heard about on any American news stations. I have no idea what it's about. Read a couple of articles, but they never seemed to mention it. Maybe it's self-evident if you live there. hmm, Americans are Eurocentric my foot. We don't even care about Europe, I'll have you know. If Britain counts as Europe anyway. In any case, we care more about Britain than we do any silly continental country.

Tomorrow's going to suck. I don't know what I'm doing yet because I'm an idiot and double scheduled. On the bright side, no matter what I do, I get to sleep in.

heh, I'm the only one typing at these computers, even though there's somebody at every terminal. I guess there's supposed to be "No Word Processing." That makes zero sense to me, but hey, blogging isn't word processing anyway.

heh, oh yeah, before I go. I thought I'd tell you all, I had a fall today. It was lovely. I was walking out to my car, rather on the late-ish side, but in no rush really. And suddenly BAM, there's the ground. I slipped on some "black ice" in the driveway. I hate falling down when no one's around. I almost prefer it when there's somebody there to laugh at you. When you don't see anybody, the suspicion that someone was watching from afar nags. And it's better to have a good laugh about the whole thing, than just pain and a nagging suspicion. Maybe it's just me.

Hurrah, half an hour til class, then two more hours til I can go home! Boy, Thursday afternoon blogs are going to be fun from now on! Look forward to it, kiddies.