Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Still tired. Should have taken a nap as soon as I got home. But I was too lazy to take my shoes off. I really, quite seriously, have to go to sleep on time tonight.

Can't stop yawning. Can't imagine staying awake through Art History. Much suffering.

On the bright side "the guy I'm obsessed with" walked me to the bookstore today, for no apparent reason other than that he enjoyed my company, which was oddly nice. He told me he had to buy underwear for karate class. I wish I would've questioned this at the time. Now I wonder, was he telling me he wasn't wearing any underwear? That his current pair weren't up to par? That he wanted something with a little more support? Why did he tell me about his underwear? Odd boy.

There's a lot about school I dislike. But there are benefits. I have much more to blog about. I don't know if my blogs are of substantially higher quality, but they are in much greater quanity and perhaps it all evens out.

Anyway, there's this evil blonde cheerleader type in my Biology class, that I made the mistake of sitting sort of near. I mean, I'm three rows away and two desk rows behind, but that's not far enough away it seems because I hear her yammering mindlessly through every class anyway. She's annoying as hell. My friend Mary threatens to beat her down, under her breath, every time, and this happens quite frequently, the blonde girl goes: "You're cute." Half of the time I think she's not talking to anyone; the other half of the time I think she's talking to herself. In any case, it drives me insane; I counted thirteen instances of "You're cute" in our hour long class today. And I hope Mary does beat her up, so I can walk by her bruised and battered body in the hall and say, valley girl style, "You're cute."

But violence is bad, kids, it really is. I'm just grumpy from lack of sleep. Ahh well, off to class! Wish me caffeine pills, and near death experiences, so I have at least a little hope of lucidity.