Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Today is good. I have plans which are good.

Curiously, they're not for tonight. I think I'm just staying home tonight; which, isn't bad, it's just not particularly special. My plans are for this week. Tomorrow, Jody's coming over for Europe planning. Thursday, Brett and Denise are coming over to watch the Fellowship of the Ring. Friday, Brett, Denise, Dad and I are all going to see The Two Towers. Saturday, it seems I have something to do, though I don't recall what it is offhand. And Sundays are for sleeping. Monday I have to go back to school.

I also have plans to launch a new business, I do. Which is daring, and young, and possibly lucrative, and exciting in general terms. And also a bit of work. But I can handle a little work.

What else do I have? Possible end of sickness in sight. I feel better today than I have. Ha, doctors! I scoff in your general direction. Who needs you, and your fancy "medication?" Not I!

Of further medical interest. My father's having his tumors removed Thursday. They're biopsying, I guess. They already examined him generally and took blood. They "don't think" it's cancer from the general exam, but they keeping making him go back for further testing. I'm a hopeful soul. So I figure I'll just blame it on capitalist buggers, probably getting kickbacks for requiring more exams. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I like Eve holidays.