Friday, December 27, 2002

Well, I woke up at about 8 this morning. I hate waking up that early, and considering that I blogged my last at 3:30 last night, and didn't sleep for a few hours afterward, I was particularly disliking it this morning.

I arose, went straight to cleaning and changing rooms, and continued doing so until at least 3:30 in the afternoon. Then I went to town to drop some stuff off at Goodwill and get some food. And then home again home again, for more cleaning. I finally freed myself just now.

Today pretty much sucked.

On the bright side, I do have a computer in my room again. And, it is sort of cool to be laying on my bed typing. Indeed, I am so lazy that I don't even bother sitting up generally.

The new room looks okay. It's almost too sanitized or something. I painted the walls black in here when I was younger. You'd think it'd be all bad ass, but actually it's sort of sterile looking somehow. Plus, I have these stupid green blinds that my mom left in here that go with nothing in the room. They're like pastel. But I have a thing for imperfection, so, really, I'm sort of growing fond of them already. Besides, it was just so much cooler for my mom to have a black room than it was for me.

I realized that most of my decorations are kind of...I dunno...emo. For instance, I have two awards hung up on my wall. One says merely "Participant" and the other says "I Can Dress Myself!" I have a poster with an alien head on it that says "Full Scale Invasion Begins January First, 2001." The other stuff on my walls are mostly things people gave me that I feel bad not hanging up. I did keep my wicked blacklight posters though; I wouldn't let evil wizard head or swirling eye thingy go.

Maybe I'll ask Brett to let me borrow his digital camera in a few days and you'll get to see. Better be soon because I plan on messing it up real good soon. As my dad said to my mother today: "What are you doing with that dust? That's high quality dust! Do you know how much work it took her to get that much high quality dust in this room?"

I think I threw something out in my back carrying books. When did I get so many damn books? I seriously need to sell some.

In totally unrelated news, there's someone I used to love, and probably still ought to love, that I'm beginning to dislike. It could become a major problem. But said person and I have gone through these periods before, so I guess we'll probably weather this one too. I try not to worry much. Because, despite the occasional late night blog, I'm not really a very angry person and I don't hold grudges long. So hopefully it's all nothing and will pass, and things will go back to being fine. They really sort of have to.

I feel my electric blanket kicking in...sleep...