Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I'm a bit worried about my niece.

Having never spent a lot of time around pregnant folk while I was old enough to care about how pregnant folk behaved, I'm not really quite certain how they're supposed to act.

Is it normal for someone around 12 weeks pregnant to sleep all of the time? The kid went to sleep last night around 1 o'clock. She didn't wake up until noon; she was up for about an hour, then went back to sleep until five. We went to a store, came home, and by 6:30 she'd fallen asleep again.

I'm familiar with morning sickness, and I know that food will sometimes make a pregnant girl sick. But every time the poor kid eats she's close to throwing up; and sometimes she does throw up. Is there a time when this goes away a little? Anything she can do to curb it?

I'm more worried about the sleeping than the getting sick. But, I know she has a cyst. She can't drink caffeine because it makes the cyst bigger, and if the cyst gets too big it might muck up the pregnancy. Could the sleeping bit be related? Or is she just maybe bored as hell because she's not used to living in the country?

My other niece lost a baby earlier this year. Perhaps because of this, and because I know about the cyst, I'm a little overly concerned. Let me know, pregnancy buffs.