Saturday, December 21, 2002

Lessons from today's shopping:

Do not take last minute advice from brother to go to a mall you've never been to, in a town you're not familiar with, and especially don't forget to ask directions supposing it's a small town and that it couldn't be that difficult to find. You won't find the mall, but you'll have the nagging suspicion that, had you not wasted so much time trying, you could have slept in an extra three hours.

Do not drive in Marion, Ohio. All roads in Marion, Ohio lead to Route 4 North, when all you need is go Route 4 South. It would seemingly make sense to just go the opposite way, but no, in fact, Marion, Ohio is miraculously located at the South Pole, so no matter what direction you drive, it's going to be north.

Next time you go to Marion, Ohio, presupposing as is likely, that you'll not listen to the above advice, be sure to bring a camera. There's a town just south of it (if you can ever find your way out of the pit that is Marion), called Waldo. And it would totally rock to have a picture that said "Where's Waldo? 1 mile south." Or say, standing by the city limit sign, so you could always say that you found Waldo. I realize that Waldo jokes haven't been cool since elementary school, but my total and utter lack of sleep has removed any remnant of taste from my brain. I honestly feel sorry for Jody, having to go to Europe with me, with my sorry taste in pictures. "Wittenberg Cathedral? Waste of time! Check this out, there's a town called Hamburger!, let's go there!"

Do not allow yourself to be cornered by clerks while in a candle shop. The stench will make you woozy, and the fear of falling down and busting everything in sight, is not a pleasant one.

In computer stores, don't let on that you know anything about anything, else the clerk is likely to take you for a kindred spirit and try to sell you obscure programs that you neither want, need, nor care for; and yet, because he's so happy to have someone to talk to, you just can't say "No, seriously, I'm not interested" on account of it would break his little heart, and after all it's Christmas.

Positive Points of the Day:

I have revived an old phobia of Route 4. Though rarely have I been lost in my years driving, the vast majority of times has had something to do with that drated road. It's good to remember that evil is still in the world, and it's number ain't 666.

I got to eat Greek food, yay!

I'm going to see the Lord of the Rings in a few minutes, and though I'm likely to fall asleep in the middle of it because I'm so insanely exhausted, it still friggin' rocks. Thanks for the Christmas money, Grandma, I couldn't afford to go twice elsewise!