Friday, December 27, 2002

Incoherent ramblings from April, after she told me that sometimes when she closed her eyes she saw scary things like demons:

April: Satan's coming out of a trunk!
Me: What?
April: Satan's climbing out a trunk, the kind at the end of your bed. The wooden one.
Me: Ahh, okay.
April: I see radishes! It should be radishii instead of radishes. You don't say carrotses.
Me: Yeah, but you don't say carrotsii either.
April: Carrotses aren't radishii!
Me: No, that's true. They certainly aren't.
April: ::laughs:: Radishii! ::random silence:: Good Lord I'm fat.
Me: I'm so blogging this.
April: I see Scarlette O'Hara! She's tied up in the weight room in the gym.
Me: Maybe Satan's trying to steal her radishii.
April: That makes sense! Hey, blog that I'm Horn-ii.
Me: heh, okay.
April: ::random silence:: Nipple.
Me: What the hell? Where did that come from?
April: I just saw baby teeth! Like where there aren't supposed to be teeth! Like a tarantula! Satan's going to hell, and he's bringing spiders.
Me: Sick! That's nasty!
April: I mean Earth. Satan's coming to earth. Hey, Ewan McGregor in a top hat!