Monday, December 30, 2002

I went down to Millersburg to buy Amish cheese today.

They have funny Amish down South. Our Amish are much more strict, apparently, and less friendly other Amish groups. I’ve heard a couple of times that our Amish are considered sort of backwoods, but the difference between Olivesburg and Shenendoah Amish and Millersburg Amish are like the differences between night and day.

For example, I was shocked to see that the Amish girl working the register, had some sort of fancy, lacy dress with red fringe on, and that she had braces in her mouth. The Amish where I live wear exclusively darkish clothing, and you can forget about lace or red fringe. And I’ve never seen an Amish kid with braces before. I kept wondering if they were maybe Mennonites instead of Amish, but according to the sign on the door, they were definitely Amish.

I heard the best conversation when I walked in the store though. One young Amish girl looks at the other Amish girl, and says: “I can’t stand driving with my mother! Every time I drive, she starts screaming! Maybe if she’d give advice instead of just screaming at me I’d drive a little better.” It wasn’t funny until I realized she was talking about driving a buggy. Some experiences are universal, I guess.

As we left, my dad turned to me and said: “Imagine having to drive with all that screaming! You know how hard it is to control a buggy when you’re hitched up to trotters!”

Yeah, well, country humor I guess.

Speaking of which, how can you tell if your local Amishman is a hillbilly? Check to see if he has any horses up on ramps in his front yard.

::rim shot::

Anyway, I had fun. It’s not often I get to feel all big city. Plus, I got some weird Amish candy called "Udderfingers" which was worth a laugh. I'm amazed they're not breaking copyright laws somehow. Maybe they are, and they're Amish, so no one important knows or cares.

I wonder if there's a difference between German Amish and Swiss Amish. All the signs down there were pushing Swiss this and Swiss that, and I'm pretty sure our Amish are German. Hmm...this Amish bit requires study.