Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I am so incredibly tired. Second day in a row I didn't get much sleep. And yesterday was exhausting anyway. I hope somehow, though it be a hope defying hope itself, that class manages to pass quickly today. I know kids do it, but I just don't feel right skipping the second day. So I have to go. I should be home by two, and I don't need to leave for class again until nearly five, so maybe I can work in a nap. Course, work in a nap and I won't be tired again tonight, thus repeating the process tomorrow.

Plus, I have to go buy my stupid Lab handbook sometime today. I should do it before class; but I don't feel like leaving early, and there's always a chance that if you start standing in line, you might be there for hours and I'd end up missing class anyway. And then, too, if I wait until after class, all I'm going to want to do is get home and take a nap, so I probably won't bother to stop.

Why don't inanimate objects just pop over to me when I ask them to?

Total bill for books this quarter: $77.50. Sadly, that's only one class worth. But on the bright side, I've spent upwards of three hundred sometimes, so $80 doesn't seem so bad.