Saturday, January 04, 2003

Blogger locked me out again yesterday. I don't know what's up; I think it has something to do with my other computer. Sorry for being so slow on the posts. It's a technological problem. But I'm working on it.

Yesterday I saw the Two Towers with the family. They all seemed to like it for the most part, which made me happy. And they don't get mad when I complain about overacting or the odd blunders, like Sam's sudden switch of eye color in Gondor. Not to mention the fact that nearly all of the plot changes from the book were really quite stupid ones. I tried not to be a stickler for exact accuracy. But the changes were generally so unjustifiable that it was rather difficult not to feel disgusted. For instance, I wasn't upset that they ended the book early, and Sam and Frodo had yet to face the Shelob; it wasn't a substantive change. I was mildly upset that they changed the Entmoot and why the Ents eventually went to war. I was very upset that Faramir's character was totally changed when he made the wrong decision of what to do with Sam and Frodo.

I'm listening to my mom complain about these evil, so-called human beings she has to deal with. I won't mention what people they are, because I'd prefer the ramifications of my blog never reach past the boundaries of my blog. But in short, she's reminding me that there are mean, nasty people in the world. People who like to make other people miserable; especially people who can't fight back. I hope to never have subordinates under me; the temptation is a corrupting one. I wonder if I can handle children.

My father is an annoying man. Two days ago, he had a very minor surgical procedure on his back. During the time period which was likely painful, as is his custom, he did not complain. As soon as the pain subsided, he started whinging like a whipped puppy. He hasn't shut up yet. It shouldn't hurt him now, but he won't shut up. If it does hurt him at all, I feel bad for rolling my eyes. But I've watched the guy my whole life, and generally, if he's in pain, he won't say so.

Bah, getting yelled at. Will blog again soon; I promise.