Thursday, January 02, 2003

Blogger locked me out of posting yesterday. Kind of them. And I thought they'd deleted my New Years Eve posts too, but guess not.

I had a good time yesterday, for the most part.

I enjoyed the high society of dogs fighting over biscuits and ropes, in the morning. I retain scars on my hands.

I rented the Fellowship of the Rings to watch tonight with the clan. Perhaps I'll reread the Two Towers tonight.

I'm going to the doctor with my father today. I think he's nervous; I'm not entirely sure why. We don't find anything out. And while it's never any fun getting surgery, it's a relatively minor one. Maybe I'm a tad callous about these things because I've seen my mother go in for major surgery after major surgery, and probably three dozen (literally) minor things over the past few years. So precious little impresses me these days. Perhaps if it were me instead of him; I don't know.

Jody came over last night. It was good. We didn't really plan much, but we narrowed some of our options. And that's sort of like planning. I let her borrow my book on Mother Teresa. Funny, a kid raised agnostic like myself, in the Protestant Episcopal Church of America, out sowing seeds of the Catholicism I reject. She's already endured countless ramblings about how I love the Pope, and the lives of various saints.

Then Angela, April and I played Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I had fun until my computer started erroring, which coincided with me getting extremely tired. So, I fell asleep rather irritated with the whole thing. Game playing has sucked lately. I'm usually quite happy to play, but lately, I guess I've been impatient. Anything that requires me to pay attention to it at all, had damn well better hurry up. Actually, for the first time in my life lately, and repeatedly too, I've used phrases like "Hurry the hell up!" and "Spit the damn sentence out!" with my father. Fortunately, he finds it amusing.

Actually, my language cracked my whole family up the other day.

April called me on New Years Eve. I said: "Hello!" She blew one of those party favor horns loudly. I said "Jesus!" From all corners of my kitchen came calls of: "Praise the Lord! Jesus is on the phone!" and "Hallelujah, turn your cellular on!" and my personal favorite, "Hey, can you ask Jesus if he'd like to be my co-pilot? I have cheetos."