Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I distrust any endeavor which requires special clothing.

I especially distrust endeavors which require safety equipment.

While I understand the need for a well-rounded education, and while I do appreciate the educational utility inherent in a lab, I do not like that I, as well as the vast majority of all Ohio State students, will spend time mixing and playing with hazardous chemicals, dangerous gasses, and open flames during introductory Biology.

Hey terrorists, quit flying planes into buildings. Just take Bio 101. You can blow up your entire University, and the thousands of people on campus, without the annoying necessity of flight training or other prerequisites!

Perhaps I should write a letter to the President of the University explaining that I'm clumsy and generally disoriented at that time of the morning, and ask to be excused from lab. Of course, if anyone reads this, they'll likely turn me in for encouraging terrorism, or supplying information to terrorists, or otherwise engaging in UnAmerican Activities.

I miss the Nixon years. They gave us gems of folks like Pat Buchanan and Chuck Colson. Who will rise to continue to annoy me, and children much like me, in the next generation? Gordon Robertson? Franklin Graham? Kirk Cameron?

School has made me angry it seems. Reminds me of Saki: "But, good gracious, you've got to educate him first. You can't expect a boy to be vicious till he's been to a good school."