Saturday, January 18, 2003

So, finally got my laptop and my desktop networked today (thanks Brett!). I think I'm going to scrap my biggerthanbuddha site, and start a new one from scratch. I'm trying to think of a good address. I wanted horrorvacui, but it's already taken. Suggestions would be nice. I want something cooler than my buddha name. Goat girl is not an option :P

My brother and dad are out working on my car. Something's apparently wrong with the EGR valve, whatever the hell that is. It sounds expensive. Expensive is not a sound I like.

However, I have a bad craving for Mexican food. My poor burned mouth isn't loving the suggestion of spicy food. But pain and suffering have never separated me from my dinner. For instance, factually, I'm allergic to almost all meat products, but you'll still see me chomping down hamburgers on a regular basis. The incessant itching - the fact that I've scratched my face and arms until they've bled - this is not enough to stop me. No, no, even in the midst of suffering, there is food, and I wants it. My preciouss...

So last night, we were at McDonald's drivethrough. April's like "Yeah, I'd like the McNugget deal and that'll be all." And McDonald's guy says: "Is that all?" And April's like: ::minute and a half of silence:: "BARBECUE!" and drives around, on account of she thought he said: "Would you like sauce?" Then she gives the guy at the pay window a dollar less than she ought. And then she gets her food, and goes to drive off quickly, but forgets to take the car out of park. So you hear: "Vroooooooooooom" but she doesn't move. It was great. I'm glad it wasn't me driving poorly and messing up the order; for once.