Thursday, January 16, 2003

Interesting; this got no play in the US: Abortion May Cause Foetal Pain As Early as 17 Weeks.

And this makes me happy: US Abortion Rate Lowest Since 1974.

What's unfortunate is that it probably has rather a lot to do with the use of the abortion pill. Also, the statistics don't include regular birth control, which are actually abortifacients. I'm sure the birth control use rate hasn't decreased. It's worth noting that the abortion rate among the poor is skyrocketing. Eugenics will always find a way, it seems. Nevertheless, fewer abortions is a good thing.

Plight of Roma (Gypsies) in Europe

A few interesting things in this article. For one, I always feel particularly bad for the Roma since they've suffered so much historically. It's odd to note how openly they're discriminated against even in the most liberal of nations. I also found it interesting that the Brits apparently call what we call Affirmative Action, "Positive Discrimination." Their name's more apt; but still flavored. Regular old Discrimination, or Government Sanctioned Discrimination, would do. Consequently, those are among the palest gypsies I've ever seen; but they are a multi-ethnic ethnicity, so.

Defending the Roma.

In war news, we may see conflict between North and South Korea. I hope China decides to stomp North Korea quick. And US anti-war types are bringing back the Daisy ad. Which won't sway anybody, cause it isn't the bloody cold war anymore. Ahh, and comfortingly enough, they found chemical weapons in Iraq today, which anti-war zealots are already moving to poo poo. Not that I'm big on war with Iraq. I'm really not. But zealots are always pretty silly, you know. "Oh, just a few chemical weapons; don't worry about it. Just because Saddam's already guilty of mass genocide, and now clearly has weapons of mass destruction, it doesn't mean that he'll use 'em. Heck no, you're just a mean old war hawk if any of that worries you!"