Friday, January 17, 2003

I slept so much today. It was awesome. And I'm starting my new website too. Some days are just good.

Well, actually, it's not totally good. My mother went to the doctor today, and I guess she's got something called a ventral hernia. It shouldn't be a big deal. But she needs surgery for it, and that's sort of annoying.

My mom just randomly gave me a dollar. Yay! I love dollars.

April called and wants to something tonight. We couldn't think of anything at the time, and though I think she's been home for an hour, she hasn't called back yet. Dude, hurry up and call, I've got a dollar!

In other news, I love Flannery O'Connor. I was rereading A Temple of the Holy Ghost today, and I still love it. Then I was reading a bit about her life. Some lady wrote her a letter stating that one of her stories "left a bad taste in her mouth." O'Connor sent a letter in response: "You weren't supposed to eat it."

I find it interesting that two of my favorite authors, O'Connor and Thomas Merton, were apparently huge fans of one another's work. I didn't know that until today. I've been reading them both for years though.

Odd it is that I discovered Flannery O'Connor, as devout a Catholic writer as the world's known, through a biography of Anton LaVey, the founder of modern Satanism. I can't remember the connection between the two off hand, but I remember reading that LaVey was somehow connected to a film version of Wise Blood, based on O'Connor's book, and that it was about a fake preacher, and that Flannery O'Connor's writings were described as "grotesque." At the time hatred of religion and the grotesque appealed to me, so I picked up a copy. Of course, I didn't take a hatred of religion away from Wise Blood, or any of the other O'Connor works; and givem what I see in movies and television every day, nothing O'Connor wrote seems all that terribly graphic or grotesque these days.

Woo! Going for food!