Wednesday, January 22, 2003

My mom came home in a fit of fury. The people where she works suck. Anyway, it doesn't bode well for my ability to blog, so I'll try to send this off quick.

It's funny, all these things I've been planning are actually sort of coming about. It seems I'll really go to Europe this summer. I can really go to law school, if I like. And I can really teach English abroad somewhere, if that's what I prefer. In fact, I can do both. I know it sounds silly for me to contemplate not only what my options are, but also the fact that I have options. But it sort of amazes me sometimes.

Growing up, I didn't have goals or plans like a lot of the kids around me. My cousin Julie knew from the time she was like five years old that she wanted to be a Math teacher. That attitude always struck me odd as hell; and it still does now. How can anyone decide what they're going to do to their life? Now that I'm being sort of forced to pick something and commit, I'm not any less baffled. But I'm feeling lucky. Considering my general distaste for education, I seem to have accidentally picked up a rather good one. Considering the unnatural shyness that's plagued me my whole life, I seem to be doing a lot of outgoing things.

Well, I'd like to be able to write more, but my mother's asking me literally three times a minute whether or not I'm done, and I think if she asks again, I may pop her in the nose, so I guess I should go.