Thursday, January 23, 2003

Just did my Art History exam. Either I'm really fast, or everyone else is really slow. My definitions were good; I'd memorized them, so they ought to be anyway. But somehow it's always sort of spooky to be the first kid out. Perhaps it's the adrenaline, but I think I did quite well. Perhaps the best I've ever done on an Art History exam.

In espionage news: General failure all around. I walked all over heck looking for my friend Nikki, to borrow her book. But for once, she wasn't on campus. Then I went to the book store to look through the text, only to be quickly ushered out because they're "doing inventory." In any case, the books were sealed, so I couldn't have gotten much out of them anyway. So then I manically looked the things up on the internet, and had some decent success; I love broadband. But then I ended up borrowing the book of a kid in class; I lied and said I'd forgotten mine. I don't like to lie, but, meh. Plus, this makes things difficult for the next class. I can't be all "Oh, forgot my book again ::snaps fingers::." Will cross that bridge when I get there.

Anyway, so, still in school now. Have an hour's more Art class to get through before I can go home; though, to be fair, I have what'll probably amount to being an hour long trek through wind and snow before I can even get to my vehicle. But it's Thursday, joyous Thursday, and I can't complain. Sleep, tomorrow!