Saturday, January 25, 2003

More crazy developments in the sister department, but I'll hold off sharing until we're sure what's wrong.

In other news, I'm going get a kick ass newsie cap, and make my friends call me Sadie. And Dox will be the person in the fedora, who was formerlly known as April. Dox Flapsy. And that fellow we used to call Mike will be Loki. We're going to dress up for gangster poker night, or as we call "Chillin' wit' the villains" night, and have our pictures taken. We like pretend time. But we're totally wearing the hats even after we're done playing poker. Folks, we fat girls, are bringing back the hat. The skinny will boy will aid. He got lucky being called Loki, on account of, he was almost Zev, Lupo, and Cecil Reynard Dorsal, III.

Good times tonight but about to fall asleep so must go.