Thursday, January 30, 2003

For someone who enjoys school on the whole as much as I do, I sure do a good job of hating it on an individual day to day basis. I feel I may die if I have to sit through another two-hour boring lecture. And yet, here I am. If I really was going to skip Art, I probably would have done it already. This quarter, as is not atypical for winter quarters, ranks high on my most boring quarter list. Besides, dying, at this point, would be sweet release and I don't deserve that.

No more teachers, no more books...

I have a headache. Thursdays suck.

Only one really funny thing happpened today, and it was probably only really funny in the context of being utterly and completely bored when it took place.

This kid in German said: "Can't you just say 'an' interchangeably with 'zu?'"
The Prof. said: "No...that's...just not right. It sounds awkward in German.'
And Bronson says: "Yeah, they'll kick you out of Deutschland for that sort of thing."

I laughed. A lot. I know it wasn't that funny. But I needed to laugh, so I did. Besides, there are some tone of voice issues that made it a lot funnier than it sounds.

Then in Bio we were charting genotypes. And Bronson asked Mary if he had a widow's peak, and she's all: "No, you're straight." And he started busting and mock wiping his forhead. "Woo! I'm straight. Glad that's finally cleared up."

Yeah, anyway. Bored today. Bored with a headache. I want to go home. There'll be food when I get there. That fact's all that's keeping me going.