Thursday, January 30, 2003

I'm redesigning my website. Actually, I think I'm going to get a new domain and all that. Can't think of a fitting title though. I had a wicked dream the other night, and when I woke up I was set on having something from the dream as a name for my website. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down, so, immediately upon falling back asleep, I forgot it. Now all I have is the annoying memory of knowing I had a name, but that I can't remember it. I'm conjuring up some cool design stuff though. Cooler than what I've got now. Hopefully a bit more colorful too. It's my general habit to go sort of black and gray on everything, but I'm trying to get away from that. In a lot of ways, my frame of mind for design is still stuck on when the internet first started to influence me, which was way back in like '96 or so. We've come a long way since then, and I guess I ought to too.

I'm reading this Biography of Mother Teresa. It's supposedly objective, but most of the criticisms crack me up. There's only one really legitimate criticism, I think, that I've read so far in the whole book. And that's the Missionaries of Charities reuse needles. In a country like India, which probably has nearly so many AIDS cases as the entire continent of Africa, this really isn't the best idea. But the other criticisms are silly. "Why doesn't Mother Teresa give abortions? Why doesn't she hand out artifical contraception? Why does she insist on discipline in her order? Why doesn't she push for the ordination of female priests?" Could it be that Mother Teresa was a good and faithful Catholic, and as such agreed with the Church on such fundamental basic issues as the sanctity of human life and the order of the priesthood? Naw, dude, she just sucked and stuff. Yeah, so she fed, clothed, bathed, and even kissed lepers and other pariahs. She opposes the ordination of women! That nullifies the whole bit right there!