Sunday, February 02, 2003

I had a bit of a dance in my room, so I'm happier now. Imagine a fat geeky girl dancing to Kylie Minogue, alone in her room, and you'll feel happier too.

I'm getting somewhere on my website redesign. I have two protocol designs now. I'm not totally happy with either. But they're certainly a start considering that I never make protocols; which is, not coincidentally, why my sites usually end up messy and ugly.

I added Caravaggio's "The Incredulity of St. Thomas" to the bottom of my blog. I'm a fan of St. Thomas, because I have a similar mindset regarding the nature of proof. Plus, like any student of Art History in the last decade, I'm a huge fan of Caravaggio. But before all that's done, I need to get a rollover effect working and I'm too lazy at the moment.

I wish it was mid-Fall again, and outdoor fun could be had. I'd like to go for a walk out in my grandma's woods. But as is, I'd probably get frostbite and a cold or worse, and just be more miserable. Sometimes I remind myself of Eeyore.

Speaking of miserable, I just remembered that I have a damn Biology exam tomorrow, over Miosis and Mitosis. And since I skipped class, I have to actually read the book. And I think there's some powerpoint I have to download. Considering my lukewarm grade, I guess I better hop to.

Oh, but before I go, I remembered a lovely story today, when I was mad at my brother.

Brett and I had guns before most kids have strollers, so he really should've known better. But when Brett was probably eight or nine, he was carting around the bb gun, shooting at stuff. Well, he took aim at this big old tree we have in the backyard. He got right up close, so he couldn't miss. Only a foot or two between the end of the barrel and the tree, that is. He loaded, cocked the gun, and shot. Bzzzzp, went the gun. And then came the terrible stinging pain, right between his eyes. He hollered, and ran around a ways, but he couldn't tell mom for fear she'd take the gun away. Anyway, it seems, when Brett took the shot, his aim was right dead on. The bb hit the tree, ricocheted back, and hit him right between the eyes.