Sunday, February 02, 2003

Jody invited me over to this house she was housesitting tonight. It was sort of odd, because I know the kids who live there, and I certainly never would've been invited to such a house when the folks who lived there were home. I sort of like the mother though, though I don't think she much liked me. But you know, what sort of crackhead mother would like me?

Anyway, tonight was sort of odd. I've been feeling lately like I don't much want to go to Europe; I picked up on the fact that she's feeling the same way. I'm hoping it's winter lag. In any case, in two weeks, we're going to go buy backpacks. Hopefully we'll get a bit more excited by then. To tell the truth, I wouldn't be overly excited if I won a free trip around the world tomorrow. It would sound like a major pain in the ass. But I think it's just winter. I think it's being exhausted. I think it's that every trip outside my door kicks my ass and makes me hate life.

I'm still dizzy. I have this odd hypochondriac fear of Tuberculosis, or Meningitis or something. My life would suck incredibly bad if I got really sick right now. But I guess that's true for everyone. It's the sister connection that gets me. But I think I'm fine. I'm really tired and I've only been awake since like 1pm. Can't quite concentrate, so I think I'll finish watching MASH and sleep.

Depressed. Feeling distant and disconnected. ::sigh::