Saturday, February 15, 2003

Sort of an interesting day today. Woke up and had the urge to read. So I read a few Old Testament prophets. Geez, God used to be mean. For instance, God says to Hosea: “Go and take unto thee a wife of whoredom.” And that poor wife of whoredom’s name was Gomer.

Other funny events of today. I don’t usually advertise my last name on the internet, but in this case I will, for the sake of the story. My last name is Close. Today, the fact was rather funny, because my dad was dialing up a pizza place. The woman on the line asked if it was pickup or delivery, and dad said he’d pick it up. She asked, “Are you Close?” And he said: “Yes, about 10 or fifteen minutes away.” And she laughed; ahh how she laughed. And he felt like a dunce.

But he made up for it later. I felt like I was getting sick at the grocery store. And, for the record, people in my family walk incredibly, incredibly slowly. So the old man was looking for these stupid sausage link things, and they weren’t where they usually are. So he circles the meat stand once, twice, a third time. The whole process was probably 15 minutes worth of circling a meat stand that is, I estimate about five feet long. So, finally, exasperated, I said: “Can we hurry this up a little? I don’t feel well.” And he said: “Are you kidding? I’m practically running! I was about to suggest we slow down!” And the really beautiful bit was, in his mind, we totally were almost running. This probably explains my distaste for shopping, by the by.

Jody and I went for hot chocolate tonight. She was excited about Europe again, which made me happy.

My mom and dad went to Columbus today. My mom's getting surgery on Thursday.

Nothing much else going on.