Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Well, I managed to move my exams on Thursday, so I can go to the hospital with my mom. Unfortunately, that means I have to take an exam at 10:30am on Friday morning. That sucks. A lot. But, meh, it's worth it.

Supposed to get my Art History exam back tonight. Not overly excited about it. Afterward, I guess Jody's coming to school to hear the OSU Jazz Band, and I'll likely stay a while. Not overly excited about that either. It could be fun, but then, it could also be, erm, not so much.

I'm feeling a little better today in general. I can't complain, after all, about a two-day school week. Though I can complain about the nine or so inches of snow I had to forcibly remove from my vehicle today. And the 20 minute walk I have to take every day into the building. But as I told Corwin today: "I'm not going to get up 40 minutes earlier, just so I don't have to walk for 20 minutes. Waking up is totally even worse than exercising."

Funny moments from today: 0.