Saturday, February 22, 2003

Well, I’m feeling pretty good.

Amanda, Angela and I did some stuff today. Got food, stuck a dvd in, got more food, played some Catchphrase. Good times. Angela bought some really nasty Orange Cream vodka stuff, which I ended up bringing home to the rents (ahh, it’s good to be the underage kid with the cool parents). Made cookies; ate an ice cream and cool whip sandwich. Then had cookie covered in ice cream with cool whip. Wicked day for a fat girl, I must say.

Came home and found cheap tickets to London. Bought the buggers for a grand total, after taxes, of $370, which is, well, wicked. I have to email Jody here in a minute to tell her. We’re flying from New York, which sort of sucks. But meh, for the two hundred bucks it saved me, it’s worth it.

Too tired to type. Have good stories for next waking blog, I promise.