Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I think I'm having a good day. I got 15 out of 15 on my Protein Synthesis exam, which is especially awesome because you're supposed to have an automatic three point deduction just for not showing up on exam day. I'm not sure if she forgot to dock my points, or if she only uses the three point deduction as a deterrent and never actually enforces it, or if she didn't take off because she thought I had a legitimate excuse, or if she decided not to take off on account of having forgotten me on Friday when I was supposed to take my makeup test. In any case, it makes me happy. I'm not doing as well in Biology as I'd like, though I'm doing better than I was before. I've learned to stop listening to her study pointers, and it's helped me quite a bit. Next

My German test went moderately well. There are a few questions I know I missed. There are always a few that I miss that I didn't know I missed at the time. But on the whole, I feel a lot more confident coming out of the thing than I did on my last exam. Plus, I think my group did pretty well on the groupwork thing he's apparently adding in as part of the grade. This is good because German is supposed to be an easy class. It's still possible for me to pull off a 4.0 this quarter, and I'm going to kick my own ass until I get there, or damn close to it.

Mom had a day less pleasant. I called to check up on her, and I guess she got in a fight with some nurse. Now, knowing my mother's temper, it could very easily be her fault. Especially as she's on morphine, and is in pain, and has never been particularly good around hospitals in spite of having had to stay in so many of them over time. But having spent a day or two around this particular hospital myself, I wouldn't be half surprised if it really wasn't her fault at all. I guess she pushed to come home today, and they're letting her. I don't think this is likely the best idea. If she's still on morphine, it sounds to me that she damn well ought to still be in the hospital. But I'm not a doctor, so what do I know?

I have to clean up before I leave since she's coming home. I had the oddest premonition my passport was going to come in the mail today. It didn't. All I got was my credit card bill and my Time magazine. They shouldn't bother sending me a bill when there aren't any charges. It's a waste of trees, man. I mean, it really is a bit early to be getting my passport. But I want it, by God. And I want my plane tickets too. I think they'll come by Saturday. Exciting stuff, I say. I got to feel the travel expert today, telling folks where to buy cheap plane tickets, and getting to brag about my June purchase of under $400.