Monday, March 03, 2003

So I got a couple hours sleep today, but it wasn't enough. Went down to see mom, but she was mostly just sleeping so we didn't stay very long. She's looking better and moving around a little better, I think, but she can't stay awake for more than five minutes at a time.

I'm tired. It feels like I never had a weekend at all. I had to get up early Friday; Saturday was spent all day and night at the hospital; Sunday was nonexistant practically because I was sleeping or driving all day. Now I have to go back to damn school. I have a test tomorrrow. I don't think I'll do well. I'm going to be pissed if I blow the entire quarter at the end. I have an A in Art History at the moment; my Biology grade finally edged up into the A range; German is in the B range, I believe. If I start sleeping through exams though, the whole quarter's going to be blown; as is my GPA, which I really can't have. I can, if I can get some free time to actually do my homework and study, still pull a 4.0 out of all this. I just don't know if I have the energy.

Roxy Music sucks to hell. I hate Avalon.

Anything else new in my world? Not really. Still don't know about mom. Didn't talk to any of my friends all weekend, through poor Jasmin called repeatedly, and Jody called at least once. I should email everyone to tell them I didn't drop off the face of the Earth, but I'm too tired, so I won't.

The final release version of DMB's Grace is Gone is a lot better than the pre-release version I downloaded a while ago. I need new music for all these trips to Columbus. Someone make me a mix cd!

I discovered this weekend that, I'm not kidding here, my dad really is capable of bitching for 24 straight hours without sleep.

Oh, wait, here's something funny. I fell in an elevator today. I'm not good in elevators anyway, cause they make me a bit dizzy somehow. But I was really tired, so I went to lean back on the wall. But I misjudged the distance, and nearly fell straight back. I caught myself, but not before terrifying this poor Mexican man who spoke no English, but who, I think thought I was a patient passing out. He was freaking out. I think he was upset anyway, on account of his wife having a baby. Or at least that's what I'm assuming, since he got off finally, on the maternity floor. It probably didn't help that I looked like death from lack of sleep.

Have I talked about my lack of sleep enough yet?

Lucinda Williams' Righteously is sort of annoying. I don't like how she says "Righ-teous-lay." That main guitar riff is also irritating.

I'm getting worried about how much I talk in my sleep. I was sleeping in the chair in the hospital, and it hit me when I woke, that God knows what I might have said. It's odd to sleep around one's parents. Not to mention doctors and nurses in training, who, to my infinite horror, I realized today, are like, my age. God I'm getting old.