Thursday, May 15, 2003

It's going to be a busy day today. Sort of. It'll also sort of be a quiet day. I have three exams, but I'm not overly worried. I studied for German as much as I can. I don't really understand how reflexives work. But I got my list of tenses down: sagen, sagte, gesagt; studieren, studierte, studiert; essen, ass, gegessen, etc. And I have to do Snow White today too, but I think I mostly have that: "Es war einmal eine Koenigin, die bekam eine toechter, die war so weiss wie schnee, so rot wie blut und so schwarzhaarig wie ebenholz..." etc. Then tonight I really only have Sociology, which is like twenty questions on a scantron. I'm not particularly worried about that. And my Anthropology exam was moved to Tuesday, so I can study through that waste of time class. So I'll probably get out of school early today, which is quite nice indeed. And to double the joy of it all, I was supposed to go to Columbus tonight to pick my niece up, and now I don't have to because she's staying with a friend somewhere this weekend. Yay! Free weekend!

On top of it, this particular weekend is the Greek Festival, which is gloriously happy. I like the Greek Festival. Every year I manage to sucker someone into going with me. This year, I think I may sucker three or four different people to going with me.

I'm in a good mood today. For someone with three exams, I'm in a terrific mood. And I'm feeling philosophical. I haven't time to write anything with any depth at the moment, but maybe the mood will last, and I'll scribble out a grand manifesto tonight. I know it's going to be a good day for my brain when I wake up and my first thought is: "Kant's ideals of an a priori mathematical system utterly clash with modern ideals of multiple numerical and mathematical systems which are just as valid as the one in current, general use. His absolutism conflicts with modern relativism. But in spite of that, he's still wrong."