Friday, May 09, 2003

So, as is usual, I went to Columbus today. But it was a bit different, because April came along too. She came to my house. I brushed my teeth for her. And then off we went. First we went to the Bitchy BP, where apparently they only hire bitches. There was this awesome mullet chick in there. She had the sort of mostly shaved off look in the front, and a long mullet ending in a rat tail in the back. It was pretty wicked.

Then we saw this deer carcass by the side of the road. And I was freaked, on account of I was waiting for the mofo, to pop back to life and smash into my car. They do that, you know, pretending to be dead so you'll hit them. And then, the carcass climbed into my car, lit up a doobie, between his hooves, and smoked one. "What?"

So, then, because traffic in my county is incredibly stupid, I kept passing these two dudes on a road. And then, half a minute later, they'd pass me again. So, one time, they went by, and the guy did head-bobby sort of flirting thing. And we were busting. So the next time I passed them, April and I did head-bobby flirty thing too. And all four of us were busting. There was nothing sexual about it really. They were hot hillbillies, and we're ugly fat girls. But it was still fun.

Then we got to Polaris, I got a pretzel and a slushie. Yay! And got my mum's Mother's Day gift.

Then, we got to Britt's school way too early. And we were waiting in the car and it was godawful hot. And then we saw this huge black spider on the windshield, which freaked me out pretty bad. So April rolls her window up quick, to keep him from getting in the car. And then she gets too hot, so she rolled in back down, and he zooms in the window. I screamed and ran like hell out of the vehicle. And April went mad on it with a shoe. It was horrible.

Then Britt loaded up the car with, what must have been, the entire content of her dorm. On the way home, her laundry detergent broke open. Now I have little bits of white powder all over my trunk. Hope I don't get pulled over!

Yeah, well, I'm off to see X-Men II.