Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The wretched dawn has gloomed again too soon; a sunny day warms not my wintered soul, but leaves it bare and melting.

Last night, April, Angela and I played Monopoly. I was doing fine until I accidentally hit "Give Up"instead of "Pay Debt." It was reminiscent of my first game with April when I landed on Boardwalk, and accidentally hit auction instead of buy. Meh. I've been too tired to think very straight, honestly. And there's always been an aura of accidents around me in games. For intance, there's the famous EverQuest incident when my character couldn't keep up with Rory's, and I kept begging him to slow down. Finally he took a look at me and said, "Maybe you should try not ducking." Unfortunately, this solved the problem. The other most famous story of my many EverQuest mistakes had to do with this really irritating guy who kept begging me for armor. While I was a level 9 Ogre Warrior, he was like a level 14 Necro; and everything he had he'd begged from others. So I was trying to auction a high quality bear skin, and at the same time I was in conversation with April about how annoying the guy was. Somehow, my signals crossed and I managed to "IM" April: "WTS HQ Bear Skin, 30pp," and auction, "I hate Heardalis." To alleviate my troubles, once I discovered my error, I reauctioned: "WTS HQ Bear Skin, 30pp. AND I hate Heardalis."

Two classes to suffer through today. And then sleep, sweet sleep. Or more likely not, I'll just be wanting sleep, sweet sleep. ::sigh::