Friday, May 02, 2003

Blogger, of course, wouldn't work last night when I actually had something to blog about. But I'll try to recreate it. Last night, I beat Rory at monopoly. There's no news here; I mean, I always beat Rory at monopoly. But nevertheless, I thought I'd mention it. I beat Rory at monopoly and April did too. Rory lost at monopoly; again!

Fox News is doing these reunion things, and they're awful. Because they want to capture reunions, they fundamentally change the reunions. Less immediate time with the family; more with the reporter.

For someone who "works" twice a week, for two hours a shot, I sure complain about work a lot. I got a call from the Board of Education yesterday, though I wasn't home. Apparently, they got a bill from their busing company, and they wanted to know if I'd still been driving Britt. So I returned the call, except the guy was out of the office for the weekend. So I asked who else I could talk to, and they gave me a girl's name, and I called her, and she was out of the office, to be back at 12:30. So I called again at 12:45, and she was still gone. So I left the message in her voice mail, though I neither know if that was appropriate, or if she'll really get the message, or what. I hate phones; I hate playing phone tag. I also don't much look forward to going to Columbus today. I'll be taking Britt, one of her friends, and a kid named Rosie, who I guess I'll be driving from now on. I'm not really worried or anything; but Gah, imagine I got in a wreck. Four dead kids.

I have to find some food before I go.