Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I skipped the second half on my Anthropology class today. I went to get ice cream instead. Unfortunately, my conscience insisted that I return for my utterly useless (though sort of fun) Sociology class. And, you know me, having eaten ice cream, I'm now wearing ice cream. So I feel a bit of a dork. Thinking of skipping out early again tonight. We'll see. I'm skipping all day tomorrow, for mum's eye surgery, so I know I really should try to stay tonight. I have to stay in the library untril right before Sociology starts. I have Anthro. and Soc. in the same room, and my Anthro. Prof. always hangs around forever afterward. I dont really want to have to explain why I left (yes, she'll notice - my whole row skipped out early today).

Me: "I had to um..."
Her: ::points to strawberry stain on sleeve:: "Yes, I think I know what you had to um do; is that Paul's I detect?"
Me: ::blinks:: "...go to the doctor, yeah, the doctor."

So I've spent the entire day again thinking about Europe. I don't want to hear your complaints, dear readers, I'm obsessed admittedly and joyfully. It's this, or another detailed account of how well I slept last night. So, seriously, be thankful. Think I'm ordering a pack tonight. Think I'm looking for more plane tickets tonight. I'm so excited. Taking your life into your hands, and wasting money and such, I highly recommend it. It's quite fun.

But I'll be more happy when I get home. I'm tired of being at school. This quarter is actually moving incredibly quickly (week five already, and I've hardly memorized my class schedule). But I'll still be glad when it's over, and I'm in...heh, you know where. The gay librarian won't stop staring at me. You're not supposed to "word process" here, and he probably thinks I am. I don't feel like arguing with him; so I'll brave heading upstairs.