Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I'm really quite tired. I got more than enough sleep last night. Another seven hours, after my four hour nap. But I read a lot yesterday, and studied an awful lot, so I guess it's just mental exhaustion. Tonight I have to study German for the oral part of my exam tomorrow. Then I have to finish I and II Samuel, since I'm falling behind in English. But I think I did well on my Anthropology exam, so I'm generally happy. I feel like I've actually accomplished some things this week, which is good. But I'm tired. And hungry.

Oh, also, my passenger-side turn signal burnt out today, and I had to have it fixed. Outside of manic school, that's all I've really done today.

Also, I have to figure out my schedule for the Fall. I'm thinking it'll be: More German, Intro to Spanish, History of Ohio and History of the Roman Republic. Not that any of you care, but I find it fun to think about what I'll be taking.