Thursday, April 17, 2003

Yesterday, Mtv's "I Bet You Will" came to our campus. The basic premise behind the show is that people will do anything, no matter how stupid or painful, to get money. Of course, getting to be on Mtv is another motivating factor. But the basic idea is that you can give somebody $30 and they'll shave off their eyebrows for the whole world to see. I ignored it as I was walking in. I'm not about to sell what little dignity I have for a few bucks. A lot of bucks maybe; not $30. When I came into German class, Bronson, who I didn't really expect it from, said something the effect of: "They know college kids don't have any money, so they're exploiting us because they know we're desperate." It's true really. How much better than bum fighting is it really?

I'm a Libertarian at heart, so I guess I have a problem trying to draw a moral line in the sand. If people want to do stupid stuff for money, they have that right. But I don't have to like it, and I don't have to watch it. Mtv is crap anyway, so I really never tune in. But if I see the show, I'm changing the channel. It's wrong to exploit desperate people.

Ahh, well, have to run because it looks like a class is filing in here.