Monday, April 14, 2003

Do you ever pick up a bag of cookies, and think to yourself: "I'll just have one or two." And then you drop them on the floor and you think, "Well, it wouldn't be nice to let anyone eat cookies that have been on the floor," so you start eating the rest of the bag. And then you come to your senses and think: "Damn, I've eaten too many cookies, I'll just set them back where no one's likely to pick them up." And then you see that there's only like two cookies left, so you're like: "Well, two cookies couldn't hurt." And so by the end you've eaten the whole bag. That ever happen to you? No? Just me? Huh, well.

So I wrote my paper on Exodus today. It was kind of stupid. But at least it was short. Not bad for a paper I wrote in the wee hours of the morning. English was boring; German was boring. Driving hither and thither was boring. But there has been one break from the monotony, Brooke started a blog, yay!

I have to go to a History Club meeting soon. They're a lot of fun. We talk a lot about stuff we're going to do someday, and then we never actually get anything done. They're conspiring to make me president again; I'm trying to avoid it again. It would look good a grad school application, I know, but the job sucks. It's thankless, and, as I said, literally nothing ever gets done. I could potentially change that, sure, but that would be all work and stuff. And who wants that?

Angela wants to take Daysi to Cedar Point soon, and she invited me. I'm thinking about bringing my niece Brittany with me. She likes that sort of thing, I know. And I don't really hang out with her much otherwise, though it seems like I should. Speaking of family, today's my sisters' birthday! You know, that's a difficult sentence to conjugate. It is, to say, the day of the birth of my sisters, who are twins. Being as they're girls, I'll be polite and not share their age. Nevertheless, happy birthday to them!

We have another family problem on the horizon, which is Easter. Seeing as there's general feuding throughout the ranks, and seeing as we're not about to invite some folks and leave others out, it looks like we won't have a family celebration at all. Which would be fine except, in my family, we age sort of strangely. All in clumps, sort of. Because I'm 20, and there are four kids born after me, who come before Brittany, who's 16, it's becoming rather imperative that we seize the day on family celebrations. I'm going to graduate from college next year, and may be leaving for grad school shortly after. The other kids are beginning to age rather quickly too. Only Britt's still in high school (though, to be fair, that isn't because there's been a rush of graduations recently). And I'll be kicking her ass if she doesn't leave for college right after school in two years.

Change of subject.

I was just talking to my mother about balance. It's odd for a child to lecture their mother on the Golden Mean, no? Mom's absolutely positive I'm going to bring back SARS from Europe. What are the chances of me contracting that illness and bringing it home? Practically nihl. Nevertheless, this is what she keeps herself up at night worrying over. Meanwhile, she has some sort of stomach condition. The doctor in the ER referred her to her family doctor. But while she knows that she has a weakened immune system, and that she has an actual existing illness, she won't go to the doctor. So, I tell her, let's talk risk here. What are your risk factors versus your expenditures? Serious illness and possible death versus an hour of your time and ten dollars. But this logic is lost on her. Similarly, the lottery. Obviously, if the lottery was a money loser, the government wouldn't keep it in business. She knows this. And yet she wastes piles of money on it every week; we're talking triple digits here. What are her chances of winning big versus how much money she spends? And yet, this logic, too, is lost on her. "What were the chances the people who win it would win?" she asks. And how can I combat that? Balance, mother of mine, balance. Take a chance if you will, but don't sacrifice your whole bank account for it.

Budgeting must come to me mysteriously naturally. I've overbudgeted for Europe around $1000. And still I'm cheap! But no worries, I'll blow it yet. And it would be sort of nice to be able to last the rest of the Summer without getting a ::turns up nose:: real job. Anyway, I'm off to play some Serious Sam before I have to go back to school. Hurrah for killing stuff!