Thursday, April 10, 2003

I don't feel well today. It's a kidney infection, I'm pretty sure. Another one. I'm well on my way to dialysis, by age 30! Weee!

I had fun in English today. My paper was "excellent," apparently, which is lovely. Because lately, my writing's been, erm, so-so at best. I just haven't had the concentration or will power to put anything into words. Hence my neglect of my poor blog.

Still, I'm feeling a bit encouraged. So that may bode well for this space.

In fun news for me, I was looking at a poster for some Pray For the Troops poster put up by Campus Crusades for Christ when I noticed a handwritten note. Someone wrote this lengthy rant, on both sides of the poster, about how "no one could be so stupid except Christians" and if they're so concerned about wrong and right how they should condemn this war because Oil = Murder = WRONG. Very stupid rant really, but it amused me to no end. And I had to physically restrain myself from writing a response. It would've been pithy, perhaps: "Whachoo been smokin', cracker?" It makes me more excited for the forum tonight and tomorrow. Oh, bulletin boards are great, but there's nothing like exposing idiocy with that personal touch of actually being present with said idiot.

Not that I'm not a bit nervous about tomorrow. Iraq is hardly my speciality. But I think I'll be okay.

Anyway, off to read some headlines. Will return with links if anything strikes me.