Thursday, April 10, 2003

The Goat. I like the name and I like the blog. Very nice.

Russian Deaf School Burns; Killing Students. Well that hits disturbingly close to home. The kids had to be wakened by hand because they couldn't hear the alarm; it couldn't be done fast enough.

MEP Vote to Ban Stem Cell Research on Embryos. Yay! Finally something Europe's doing that I like.

New American/British TV Network for Iraq. Let the propaganda begin!...again, and this time with our spin!

Scientists Identify Virus Causing SARS. Now that they've identified it, they can do a simple test to check for it, which will aid in containment.

Human Cannibalism Helped Spread Brain Disease. But that's a good thing!

Poor Dr. Atkins Critical. Someone in a position of power finally suggests that the guy isn't totalally quackers, and now this? He's cursed!

Hawks target Iran and Syria. As I said, this war isn't about oil, or just getting rid of Saddam, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's about reversing our policy in the Middle East and the world. No more appeasement, or containment, or any other outdated policies; long live conflict for peace!

Time for Anthropology, abouts. Will write again tonight.