Saturday, April 12, 2003

I was relieved this morning when I read the paper. I said some potentially inflammatory things at the forum yesterday, and they all could've been easily sucked up and put out of context for everyone to read. But instead, I was greeted with a tiny article, that was heavily biased in favor of anti-war mumbo jumbo. Ever since Garnett bought our local paper out, it's been utter liberal crap (previously it was mostly just crap with a leftist tinge). Here's the link to the article in question: OSU's Roundtable Agrees There's No Quick Fix for War.

Some major problems of this article:

A) Everyone but Joel was mentioned, which sucks because Joel made good points. Probably why he was left out. Wait, no, on second thought, they left out Randy too, and Randy organized the thing. Though, it's a bit more understandable to leave him out, since he was the moderator and not actually a panel member.

B) Most of the panel didn't disagree with the idea we could stop terrorism. Darrick disagreed. And I questioned it.

B1) Darrick's comment didn't get applause because it was such a good point (though, mind you, I'm not disagreeing with the point he made or trashing it in any way), he got applause because it was a hilarious comment. At the start of the forum he'd said something about supersizing a Big Mac and everyone laughed. When he was making his point about it taking time to fix terrorism, he said: "Americans like quick fixes, that's why that McDonald's joke was funny earlier. We want everything done quick, right now. But it takes time to bring people together to fix problems."

C) They mispelled both Noah's name and mine.

D) They totally fluffed up what I felt was already a fluffy event. There is only one point of conflict mentioned in the article, and it was one of our least tense moments. I don't know how they could ignore my accusation that fundamentalist Christians blindly support the state of Israel, or my questioning of the validity of the UN, or Randy's basically calling the US a rogue nation, or Joel's worries over Haliburton and the fact that the administration seems to be benefiting personally from the oil gained in Iraq, etc.

But anyway, like I said, I really was relieved when I read the paper this morning because it's just as well I don't have fundies writing letters to the editor about me and poisoning my dogs or something. Plus, it reinforced my hatred of reporters. I remember back in the day when I had to go to the Board of Education at my high school to argue in favor of homeschooler's being allowed to participate in extracurricular activities, and the paper utterly mangled my comments. I didn't exactly look like a dork then, I looked like a liberal or something. And I honestly never come off that way in reality. It was irritating to say the least.

Speaking of which, I've thought about becoming a reporter many times. Maybe, still.